Or Eccentricity without the cash

By day I am a Marine Professional pulling on almost two decades of experience has allowed me to create a career out of 'running off to sea'. In the evenings I can usually be found covered in coal dust, silhouetted by the fire of the forge and swinging a hammer to the rhythm of rock music punctuated by the 'ting' of steel on an anvil.  

Fyvie Forge is the product of years of interest, a lot of procrastinating and 2020.  

I am an amateur or an aspiring smith however I now find that I have a workshop full of practice pieces and what better way to fund more projects than to sell what I have? what better way to expand my knowledge and craft than to create items that folks like you may come to love? 

So please, have a look around, let me know what you think and get in touch with any ideas you would like to see... and I will make it. 

Additionally I'd like to say thanks to Rory at Black W Sign Shop for designing the logo, making the tyre sign and making some tee shirts and hoodies. check his link below.


A lovely poker, thank you

J. Dobbs

Nice Fire Poker, I really like the deer horn handle. We found the update pictures showing each stage of the process really interesting.

H. Kennedy

Axe Head Pendant is spot on

S. Masser



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